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African Panel


Special Panel within ICCASU: 

Africa’s Rapid Urbanization:

New Trends and Challenges 


October 24-25, 2015, Ottawa, Canada 

CALL FOR abstracts





University of Ottawa

Development Workshop, Ango


Coordinator: Canada China Thinking Network

ICCASU Website: http://chinaeam.uottawa.ca/ICCASU/

According to the UN-Habitat, the urban population in African countries has grown significantly in the last two decades, and this rate of growth is only expected to increase. Some projections indicate that, by 2025, the urbanization rate in some African countries will account for as much as 85%. Thus, the continent’s demographic landscape will continue to change. Urbanization on the continent has created both socio-economic progress and challenges to inclusive growth, with substantial problems such as the proliferation of slums and pressures on the environment, energy and transports systems.


In the last two decades China and many other countries have invested in African urban systems especially in mineral resources rich countries such Angola, Sudan, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. China, which also faces rapid urbanization, has provided investment and expertise to build several urban infrastructure projects in almost every African country. However, some international observers worry about the potential repercussions of Chinese involvement in African urbanization. What can African countries learn from China’s urban development experience? What can models of sustainable urbanization contribute?  What do the experiences of developed nations such Canada contribute? What can be done to make sure these investments in urban Africa can create inclusive growth and sustainable development? These questions will be discussed during this special panel within ICCASU and will formulate recommendations for policy and planning.  Scholars and practitioners across disciplines are invited to submit abstracts and/or suggest specific panels corresponding with the themes listed below.


Topics of interest for papers, presentations and poster sessions include but are not limited to:

  1. Urbanization dynamics
    1. Urbanization mode
    2. Urbanization process, analysis and modeling
  • Urbanization and ecotourism
  1. Urbanization, sustainability and planning
  2. Urbanization, environment, sustainability and planning
  3. Ecosystem approaches for urbanization assessment
  • Urbanization and land use
  1. Urbanization, social equality and economic efficiency
  2. Urbanization, globalization and climate change
  3. Urbanization, strategies and policies
  4. urban development
  5. Urbanization strategies
  • Urban governance
  1. Urbanization, 3S application and analyzing methods
  2. GIS, GPS, and RS applications
  3. Mathematical and spatial modeling
  • Intelligent Information Processing
  1. Urbanization and Smart cities.
  2. Tele-Health
  3. Information and communication technology application.
  • Clean and renewable energy
  1. Green cities and environment.
  2. Low carbon footprint economies
  3. Creative economies


Keynote speakers:


Conference official languages: English and French


Important dates:

Deadline for submission of abstract: July 31, 2015

Abstracts of 250 words accepted in English and/or French

Deadline for Registration: September 30, 2015

Deadline for Early Bird Registration: July 31, 2015


Registration fee*:  Early bird registration*:

Regular participants: CAD$150  Regular participants: CAD$100

Student participants: CAD$100  Student participants: CAD$50


*Registration includes two lunches and refreshments


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