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Caroline Andrew


Professor Emeritus Caroline Andrew

Director of the Centre on Governance

University of Ottawa, Canada

    Caroline Andrew is the Director of the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa. For the past forty years she has been doing urban research, and more specifically on building inclusive cities for women and girls in all their diversity and on the integration of recent immigrants. She is very involved in partnership projects with the City of Ottawa that aim to improve municipal-community efforts to better integrate recent immigrants. Three such projects are Youth Futures/Avenir Jeunesse involving not only the City of Ottawa and also Ottawa Community Housing, the entire Ottawa post-secondary sector and many community-based agencies. Another partnership is with the City for All Women Initiative (www.//cawi-ivtf.org)   and the City of Ottawa evaluating the implementation of the Equity and Inclusion Lens and the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP).  In 2014 Caroline Andrew was awarded the Order of Canada.

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