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Panels & Workshops

Several Penals and Workshops will be conducted during the ICCASU conference.


Workshop on Urbanization and Identity-Based Conflict: A Global Perspective 

This Workshop on Urbanization and Identity-Based Tension is also an important part of the International Conference on Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization (ICCASU 2015)  which will be held at the University of Ottawa, Canada, on October 24-25, 2015.

Special Panel within ICCASU: Rethinking China’s Urbanization. 

October 24-25, 2015, Ottawa, Canada

China has been experiencing accelerated urbanization and reform for the last four decades. The country’s recent Neo-Urbanization (新型城市化) strategy has proven essential for the evolving discussion of opportunities and challenges to sustainable development. This special panel within ICCASU, “Rethinking China’s Urbanization”, is co-organized by UN-Habitat, UNITAR, the University of Ottawa and Tsinghua University. Sub-panels regarding new models for urbanization, community participation and city governance, high-tech applications for urban development, and other topics are included. China’s impact on African countries is an additional theme to be explored in this panel, as China is expands its influence on African states through investments and even policy formation. This panel will thus provide a platform for scholars, professionals, policy-makers, experts and the private sector to exchange views on the opportunities and challenges of urbanization in China from a global perspective.